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EventSpark rocks event space

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“Bringing people and spaces together” is the motto that EventSpark prides itself on and truly lives up to. Finding the perfect venue for your event just got easier with EventSpark’s easy to navigate search options and direct communication with the property.

As a start up company run out of Arizona State University’s SkySong Center for Innovation and Technology in Scottsdale, Arizona, EventSpark launched in January of 2013. EventSpark beautifully showcases event spaces online and helps people find space fast and make decisions quicker. Simply adjusting your location, date, price, guests, and type of event, you are able to discover the event space options that fit your budget. Read More

ASU Graduate Lauren Pastore – EventSpark Internship

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EventSpark is proud to announce that Lauren Pastore has successfully completed her summer internship. Internships are a great way for students to gain real world experience by offering them access to make decisions and create impact at an early stage in the development of their professional careers. At EventSpark, we want to help build their confidence by offering a platform for students to discover the business functions that intrigue them the most.

As a recent graduate of Arizona State University and The School of Community Resources and Development, Lauren was exposed to all areas of our business, including strategy, finance, sales, operations, and marketing. Her primary role was to help design and deploy social media strategies, strategies that continue to make an impact today.

Learn more about the internship programs offered at ASU through The School of Community Resources and Development here.

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