EventSpark is a business solution offered by Optimal Internet Solutions, Inc., an Arizona corporation, that operates and maintains an Internet Web site at the URL and other related links (the “Site”) with tools and processes to assist individuals looking for event and meeting space that’s suitable for individualized needs (“Services”). Together, the Site and Services and related materials, shall mean the “Services”. These Services are for use solely by persons who are authorized by Optimal Internet Solutions and have acquired proper and lawful access to access the Services solely for the limited purposes described in this Privacy Policy. Any person accessing the Site and Services (the “End User”) is hereby bound to these terms.

These privacy terms shall govern the collection and use of End User’s information from the Site. Any capitalized terms not defined in this Policy shall be defined as stated in the Spark Tools Terms of Service.

1. Collection.

In addition to any information provided by End User while using the Services, such as profile information and individual preferences, Optimal Internet Solutions collects additional information about End User in order to improve the Services and provide a better user experience. The types of information collected are described in detail in this Privacy Policy. This specific End User Data is used to improve the depth and scope of Services offered and for no other purpose.

2. Internet Protocol Address and Cookies.

Optimal Internet Solutions may use End User’s Internet Protocol addresses for administrative purposes and for monitoring use of the Services. Monitoring End User’s Internet Protocol address for use of the Site may include when, how often, and which pages of the Site have been visited. To prevent the need for End Users to continuously enter usernames and passwords while navigating the Site, Optimal Internet Solutions uses “Cookies” (i.e. short pieces of information used by Web browsers to temporarily remember information provided by the End User, such as passwords and preferences from past visits) to provide a more convenient browsing experience. End User’s browser information may also provide information on what device an End User in using to access the Site. Optimal Internet Solutions also uses this information to monitor, preserve, and improve the functionality and integrity of the Site, and to address complaints, and verify compliance with this Policy. However, all Cookies used by Optimal Internet Solutions can be deleted once the Internet Web browser used to access the Site is closed. Some Web browsers are configured to automatically store and/or share Cookies. End User’s are recommended to adjust their Internet Web browser settings according to their desired preferences.

3. End User’s Profile Information.

After registration, End Users provide Optimal Internet Solutions with certain information necessary to complete End User’s profile (“Profile Information”) This Profile Information is necessary to maintain End User’s individual account and for unique identification purposes. For example, End Users provide their: full first and last name; telephone number; email address; date of birth; gender; location; username and password to access the Services. This information may be used to contact End User for technical support, or for performing other internal administrative purposes. Optimal Internet Solutions may also use this information to provide End User with policy or product updates. Because this information is sensitive, it is protected by the same degree of care as Optimal Internet Solutions’ own information. Optimal Internet Solutions uses internal security measures and protections that meet or exceed the prevailing industry standards of protection to protect End User’s Profile and Preferences Information.

4. End User’s Preferences Information.

Other categories of information, described in this section, are necessary in order provide End Users with event space promotions and offerings based on a particular End User’s needs (“Preferences Information”). This includes information relating to event space products and services desired by End User, such as event hall size, capacity, catering, availability, pricing, and other specifications made available by event space providers. The Services keep track of which event space locations and service providers End User shows an interests in, which features and promotions are of interest to an End User, and how frequently End User may visit those offerings. Preference Information is never shared with third-parties in a manner that would enable a third-party to indentify an individual End User.

5. Social Media Information.

As part of the many advanced features available in Service, End Users may opt to integrate various third-party social media and Web-based services into their experience with the Services. This integration feature can be selected at End User’s discretion and is a non-mandatory, opt-in feature. By opting-in, End User shall thereby permit the Service to engage various social media features to improve the End User’s personalized event space needs and to promote the Services to End User’s social connections. For example, the Services may integrate End User’s social media profile information, invite social connections to the Services, and perform other promotional functions. Any information entered into the Site to integrate such social media feature shall only be used for integrating social media in which End User participates in and for no other purpose. By opting into integrate third-party services into the Services, End User agrees to follow and be bound by the terms of service for such services.

6. Sharing of Information.

Other than as stated in this Privacy Policy, Optimal Internet Solutions does not share any of End User’s information with any third-parties, except under the following limited circumstances:

A. As End Users Permit. Optimal Internet Solutions may share and use information provided by End User’s only as End User expressly permits. For example, to tell a social media connection that End User “likes” a particular wedding venue.

B. Agents Acting on Optimal Internet Solutions’ Behalf. Optimal Internet Solutions may share End User’s information with its agents and other entities that provide Optimal Internet Solutions with technical and other types of support necessary to support the Site. Such support providers will be given access to only that amount of information necessary to provide support, and they shall be prohibited from using or sharing information beyond support purposes.

C. As Required by Law. Optimal Internet Solutions may use and disclose End User’s information as required to comply with the law, including, but not limited to responding to subpoenas, investigative orders, and court or administrative orders. Optimal Internet Solutions may also use and disclose End User’s information to respond to, defend, or file legal claims, or exercise other rights granted by law. Optimal Internet Solutions may also share End User’s information to investigate, prevent, or take actions against illegal activities, suspected fraud, potential or actual threats to the safety of any person, violations of Optimal Internet Solutions’ Terms of Service or as otherwise required by law.

D. Affiliates and Acquisition. Optimal Internet Solutions may share End User’s information to facilitate any potential or actual acquisition of, sale, or merger with Optimal Internet Solutions by or with another entity.

7. Modifications.

End Users may, at anytime, view and modify any information provided using the Services, in the Optimal Internet Solutions’ active database in real-time. Optimal Internet Solutions may keep the modified information in archives for an undisclosed period of time.

8. Information Security and Encryption.

Optimal Internet Solutions values privacy and strives to use the best measures to protect sensitive information submitted through the Site by End User. Optimal Internet Solutions uses substantial and elaborate security measures to protect End User’s information obtained through the Site. The Site is hosted in a secure server environment using firewalls and other industry standard technology necessary to prevent unauthorized access. Optimal Internet Solutions also enforces internal controls to prevent the unauthorized access of information. Only the Optimal Internet Solutions personnel necessary to deliver the Site and related Services may access End User’s Business, Financial, or other confidential information. All transmissions by Optimal Internet Solutions of any sensitive information use encryption technology. However, because of the nature of the Internet, Optimal Internet Solutions cannot guarantee that all sensitive information transmissions will be free from security issues and defects. End Users shall maintain the confidentiality of all usernames and passwords used to access the Site at all times. End Users shall immediately notify Optimal Internet Solutions of any suspected security breach or lost passwords or usernames. Failure to provide Optimal Internet Solutions with timely notice may result in irreversible loss.

9. Privacy Policy Changes.

Optimal Internet Solutions continuously provides new solutions and improvements to it present Services. In light of the data changes that may arise from these improvements, Optimal Internet Solutions reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. In the event of any such modification, Optimal Internet Solutions shall announce and post the modified policy on the Site. Any information obtained after a policy change is posted will be subject to the new policy. Any information gathered prior to a policy change will continue to be used in conformance with the prior policy, unless stated otherwise.

10. Inquires.

Any inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy or security issues, including username and password matters, should be addressed to: